All Terrain Mobility Platform

At CMSS, we are difficult access specialists and the latest addition to our fleet with it's "go anywhere" ethos fits in well. 


The Supacat 6x6 ATMP is well known for it's military use worldwide and is a great asset within any emergency response call out due to it's versatility.  It has historically been used for air crash recovery, life guard beach rescues and fire fighting.

The Supacat we provide at CMSS comes complete with a floatation collar to enhance it's abilities and allow it to be both a land and water vehicle.

For immediate assistance call our 24/7 emergency response number: 0151 305 9999


The Supacat 6x6 can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Intertidal Survey support

  • Flood response

  • Fire and Rescue response

  • Access hard to reach areas

  • Ability to tow off-road

  • Fast response for casualties in hard to reach and flooded areas

  • Powerline access in flood conditions

  • ...and many more

For more information on the Supacat 6x6 check out our datasheet below.

Supacat 6x6
Supacat 6x6
Supacat 6x6 ATMP
Supacat 6x6
Supacat 6x6
Supacat 6x6 ATMP


If you have requirements for a vehicle that allows you to access hard to get to places then the Supacat might be the perfect option for your project or emergency response.

Speak to us today on 0151 558 0799 or complete the enquiry form below. 


For all immediate response enquiries, please call 0151 558 0790.

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